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boredom = answering questions time. this’ll be entertaining to read in a years time

1 What’s your sleep schedule like?

i go to bed between 10:30-midnight and usually always get up 8:30. i like my sleep.

2 Have you ever fallen asleep with someone?

fuck yes. multiple times.

3 What show makes you want to yell, cry, and masturbate all within a season?

One Tree Hill. that show hits every emotion.

4 Who do you know that has thrown up onto someone?

No one that i can think of actually. i know people that have been thrown up on. (haha shame fuckers)

5 Who do you think of most when you listen to music?

Honestly, myself. but me being in a completely different scenario. Like if a really nice song comes on i imagine myself on some nice tropical island listening to the song. or i imagine what song the scenario would be good background music to.
But certain songs remind me of certain people.

6 Who would win in a fight: A taco or a Burrito?

Taco. Crunchy shell man.

7 Would you last in prison?

Probably not. mundane routines drive me insane. and i like a variety of food. and big comfy beds. and I’m a non-violent person. I feel like it wouldn’t be my cup of tea. Although orange is the new black makes it look somewhat entertaining.

8 Who’s your favorite person right now?

Ross. his cuddles make me happy.

9 Favorite philosopher?

haha fuck i took two philosophy papers last year i should be able to answer this shit right off the bat. but in all honesty none of the famous philosophers caught my attention with their theories. i personally love Jonathon Troppers way of thinking. even though he’s an author, his ideas count as his philosophy.

10 What was your last unpleasant experience and what made it so unpleasant?

Being harassed over Facebook mail. What made it unpleasant was that it was from a women in her late 30’s that was the most fucking delusional and stupidest women i have ever encountered. i couldn’t believe that someone of her age could be so fucking stupid. and then to top it off she ended her rant by saying ‘Facebook messaging is just immature, stop it’. like are you fucking kidding me. i couldn’t even dignify that with a response. it made me laugh for about 3 weeks. people like that make me lose faith in humanity eh.

11 What do you think happens when you die? 

I think your energy and your thoughts live on and they become invested in somewhere else. i feel like reincarnation is a possible thing.

12 Are you content with today’s politics?

i don’t really pay all that much attention to it, but from what I’ve heard it could do with a revamp.

13 If you could fall asleep anywhere and not get in trouble and wake up to everything being okay, where would you sleep?

on a lilo, in a pool, in a resort, in hawaii, in the summer. that’d be nice.

14 Where do you go/what do you do when you’re depressed?

Theres a bush walk through a cemetery close to where i used to live on the other side of town. i don’t know what it is about that walk but it calms me so much. helps me clear my head. sounds cliche but it ‘brings you back to nature’. helps pull your thoughts down to the basics of things. like what really matters and what you have the ability to change. that or lie on the floor and listen to some good music. preferably in the shower with the lights off. 

15 Who would you set on fire?

oh i have someone in mind but I’m not gonna name them.

16 After Dende became Earth’s guardian and modified the burnt out Dragon Balls created by Kami and gave Shenron the power to grant three wishes, what would you wish for after collecting all the Dragon Balls?


17 What songs/genre can you not stand and why?

i can put up with any genre aye. its just an overload of certain genres that does my head in. country/screamo/dubstep. too much = not ace.

18 What can someone do to make you smile/blush uncontrollably?

call me out for perving at them. 

19 What was your last dream about?

holy shit it was bizarre. i was having small drinks at my parents house and then these girls from school showed up, who one of them i can’t stand and In my mind i really wanted to punch her but on the outside i was being really polite and then heaps and heaps of people started showing up. like kris jenner rocked up and hung out with us, and then paul wesley rocks up with two of his brothers and they all look stefan-ish. and then the party started getting really big and just turned out to be this awesome big gathering. and then i had another dream that me and another dude showed up for work on our usual saturday shift at 6:45 am and we starting setting up and doing everything and it took us 20 minutes to realise that no one else was there because we didn’t actually have work. and i was real pissed off that i got up that early for nothing. i have weird dreams eh.

20 How do you feel about drugs?

the somewhat tame ones that don’t totally fucking ruin your life. hell yeah! all the way. they make living more entertaining. the hardcore ones that ruin peoples lives… not so cool

21 What do you do when there’s an Earthquake?

freak the fuck out and somehow manage to find something to take cover under

22 Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

well shit id be 39 soooo. married, with kids. and dogs. and working in a job within the police force. hopefully specialising in interrogation or investigation. maybe be a detective. definitely have done my masters in psychology. hopefully own my own house, with a not too hefty mortgage. i will have travelled the world and i’ll be happy.

23 What was your last job application like?

a boring as fuck fill out all your details, provide references, yada yada. no ‘tell us why you want to work here’. the job turned out to be a shitfest though soooo, ohwell.

24 Any regrets?

the only one i can think of is that i should’ve given a dude another chance. but then i don’t regret it all that much because not doing it meant I’m with the person i am now. so all worked out well.

25 If you could relive any moment of your entire existence, what moment would you relive?

being at the twenty one pilots concert. cause it was aaaaamazing. and ill probably never get the opportunity again.

26 What do you want to accomplish in life?

Be a good person. Fall in love. Get a decent, fulfilling job. Contribute to the world. Make a family. Make others happy. Make myself happy.

27 Where do you go to eat most often?

Indian at the food court. (dunno what its actually called). but its good. 

28 What disgusts you?

People who lack common sense, social skills and fucking decency. Also people who cheat, and intentionally hurt others.

29 What do you find attractive in people?

Genuine goodness. people who are kind and consider others but also consider themselves. people who are confident in their beliefs but are open to other peoples beliefs. i think just generally people that are considerate and kind. intelligence is also an attractive feature.

30 What do you find yourself thinking about before you go to sleep?

all the things i should do the next day. all the assignments i have to get done. i remember the things i was struggling to remember all day. and then i realise how comfy my bed is and think about where in the world id love to be.

31 Is there anything you’re looking forward two within the next month?

it’ll be a month less that i’ll have to wait for my bestie to come back from New York.

32 What accomplishments are you proud of?

Losing 20kgs over a period of 2 years. Finding myself and my confidence. Getting top of my psychology class at high school without even trying. Getting in the top 15% of my course at university and getting invited to an honour society. moving out of home and surviving.

33 Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy?

can’t say i do, nah.

34 Who is your favorite character to play in any video game?

crash bandicoot in crash bandicoot. hahahah.

35 Where do you want to go right now?

America. visit my besties. 

36 Do you have hope for these upcoming generations?

Hell yeah. some of them have incredible intelligence. i think they’ll be okay. the increase of technology and lack of face to face socialising might become a huge problem, but they’ll be okay.

37 If someone politely asked you to go out on a date with them and you wanted to shut them down, how would you go about it?

politely let them down. say that I’m flattered, but that i don’t want to go on a date. sometimes my sassy feminist side comes out and id say that i don’t fucking want to and i don’t have to give any other explanation. but i think that’d depend on how much of a douche bag the person asking is. but ultimately if someone is polite to me i will certainly be polite to them.

38 Would you be uncomfortable if your ex called you right now?

no. we’re friends.

39 Who ate all the cookies in the cookie jar?

if i was stoned, me.

40 What are your friends like?

hilarious, kind, fun, easy going, good natured, and happy.


Please know that if you date me, I am a very touchy person. I will like to pet your head and hold your hand, rub your shoulders or hug you a lot. Simply put, to physically feel you in some way is very comforting to me and I can’t really apologize for it, it just feels natural to me and makes me happy.

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i want a garden full of these

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the place where i found myself.
daily walks in a secluded area is bliss. does wonders for your soul.

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its in a time like this when i wish i had the power to control fate. 
or that there was a law that prosecuted people for being generally a disgusting excuse of a human being.
theres some cruel people in this world and fate can deal a cruel hand. 
its bullshit. and it happens to the undeserving, good people.

study buddy

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